Finally Travelling

For years I’ve known that I want to travel. It is something that I have always been passionate about.  From being interested to student exchanges, studying abroad, gap years, and just plain living and working overseas – I’ve finally bought myself the ticket that will get me achieving one of my largest scale goals/dreams in my life.

Why have I waited so long?  In a word – fear.  But in saying that, I also had many other goals and priorities at the same time.  Looking back, finishing high school and moving into my 18th year of life – being the vulnerable and naïve girl that I was there is no way that I would have had the confidence to travel solo or move to another country to live/work.  Yes I was scared. I still am! But since leaving high school 5 years ago, I have come a long way.  And if I begin to list all the priorities I have in my life; I’ve pretty much achieved every one of them so far except for travel.

So in 5 years I have achieved so much, I have learnt a lot. And I am ready to finally see the world the way I want to – slow enough to see the true culture of a country and active enough that I challenge myself to continually achieve more goals that I have set for myself.


4 thoughts on “Finally Travelling

  1. In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away (shing xiong)

    And if you listen to the wind……it will say Bryce is WIV you!

  2. Wow lol u sound like ur gna publish a book!!! I havent got time to read it all now but just a comment to say i love your main photo 😉 LOL im signing up to updates !! enjoyyyy enjoyy and that pad thai is making me hungry!! xx

  3. Dani,

    So glad you’re doing what you wanted to do! Sounds awesome I’m really happy for you, keep us all posted!

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