Inspirational Thai food influences

Curry with pineapple and meat: simple yet flavoursome. The pineapple is sweet and refreshing amongst the warmth of the curry. Comfort food.

Small pumpkins and eggplants: the cutest vegetables and great taste. I adore them purely because of their miniature size.


Kaffir lime leaf: a fragrant staple ingredient in many Thai dishes. The smell sends a signal to my brain which makes my mouth water and sends a buzz through my body

Mini limes/lemons: not too sure which ones are the lemons and which ones are the limes, as they are both small and green, however they are all full of flavour and when cut in half are the perfect size for me to squeeze over my Thai noodles.

Chillies: bird’s eye chilli – the hottest in all of Thailand – about 5cm in length are another staple in Thai food. The chilli fruit itself is green, and as it ripens turns a brownish red before becoming the ripe red chilli. Green chillies are hotter than any other colour, but to get a bigger punch you should have the brownish red ones because they have more flesh and seeds to burn you with

Whole ducks: the whole duck gets boiled and people buy them like this. Beak and all. Not too sure if the whole thing is eaten but I wouldn’t doubt it. I am sure the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth

Mango sticky rice: a Thai secret which is no longer a secret to me. Baffling me for years, how something so simple can taste so perfectly sweet, I now know how to create such splendour. If you can master the art of cooking sticky rice, the rest is quite simple. Add sugar and coconut milk, then add mango. For a full recipe you can ask me but then I would have to kill you.


Rice soup for breakfast: Simple yet delicious. A great start to the day when you are not feeling like scrambled eggs. The delicate equilibrium of rice, seasoning and fresh coriander are sure to give you the rising start to the day that you need

Grilled frogs: First time I have heard of frogs as a cuisine anywhere else than France. Not too sure where to start with eating these, possibly the legs? Do you eat it all? Even the bones? This has baffled me and I doubt Thailand will be the last I see of Frogs for tea

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