Southern Vietnam Part 1: Nha Trang

can you tell i'm happy

Arrival in Nha Trang = immediate happiness. Sun, beach and a place that reminds me of Australia. I went for my first jog of the trip here (happiness = motivation). I ran 5km in 33 minutes which I thought was not too bad! We went scuba diving here and water was cold and the visibility not the greatest but still got to see quite a lot of marine life that I haven’t seen before including lionfish, moray eel, trumpet fish and pipefish.

Whilst in Nha Trang, we went to a place called Hong Chong promontory which is a very beautiful area of large boulders on the coast with great views of the ocean and mountains with some interesting granite formations decorated with orange lichen.

these rocks are amazing

Ba Ho Falls are the best waterfalls I have ever seen in my life! Although a challenge to find, and a bit of a trek to see all three of the falls that comprise Ba Ho, it was very fun and rewarding. Half the beauty is the scramble to the uppermost fall, each of the three having swimming areas to cool down in if you get too hot and bothered, but most of all there is just a raw natural beauty that surrounds this area.

just one of the three falls we climbed up over


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