Travel Lesson 7 – barefoot climbing

Never go barefoot when rock climbing.

Rock climbing shoes exist for a reason.  That is to make sure you do not cut your precious feet on razor sharp rocks.

I didn’t want to pay for the full day excursion of deep water soloing firstly because I wasn’t comfortable with my climbing ability (I had only climbed once!) and secondly, because I am VERY scared of jumping off heights.

Chase convinced me to have a go, so barefoot I climbed the rope ladder with slight discomfort and planted myself on the limestone ledge.  Almost immediately I scraped the top of my foot on an overhanging bit of rock and it cut my big toe.  I didn’t want to risk climbing higher and causing more damage and I was in pain already just from standing on the limestone, so I (nervously) jumped right back in the water.

Epic Fail.


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