I’ve never known much about war.  I’ve learnt a lot about some of the wars in the world in the last 3 months.  The Vietnam War, the Cambodian Civil War, and the “Secret” War in Laos.

I don’t understand it.  I don’t understand how people can be so murderous cold blooded killers.  How can one man kill a family without even considering his actions.  How can one man bludgeon to death another man, especially when he is of the same race, possibly even an acquaintance or friend?  How can it make the world a better place?  I understand that wars have been going on from ancient times, bringing what world I know today to form.  But modern day war… I don’t know why or what good it does.

The soldiers, the front men.  Are they to blame or is it their rulers, their government who force it upon them? How can they return home to normal life, unpunished for the murders they have committed.  Wouldn’t that evil reside within them forever?  And the government – sitting happily in their clean office, making decisions from a desk.  Do they truly understand what they are committing their men to?  They are not the ones who have to shoot a gun in the faces of innocent people, or in anyone’s face.

These soldiers, the enemy, every single person in war is someone’s son, father, brother, daughter, sister, mother.  They are all individuals with a history, a past, present and future.  War destroys this.  I have never quite realised how lucky I am to have not known war.  It is unfair and to me meaningless.

In text books it is spoken of in the most inhuman terms: Soldiers, Army, POWs.  Nothing to make its readers aware that these armies are made up of soldiers, who are people.  Each and every one of them.  And their victims, the enemy, the POWs, the innocent victims, the children, the babies.  They have the same opportunities for life as any other, but these opportunities are dismissed during war.  It is sad, frightening, maddening.

I hope I never have to endure the pains of war.  Or my family.  But again in staying this, there are other wars going on in the world right now.  When will it stop?  When???  we are living in a modern world, with quite a large degree of comfort also.  And a war is going on.  Is it just me to not understand it all? Are we all helpless to it?  I feel a bit naïve to it all. I don’t go deeper to the motives and rationale.  I don’t even want to know.  So I don’t know if my feelings are warranted.  Even if they are valid.  But it is how I feel. Confused and saddened all the same.  Is war a fact of life that we all must get used to in some way or another?  I don’t know.  Who does??

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