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Travel Lesson 3 – Language

Learning and using the local language will get you further than using English. When Chase and I decided to stay overnight in Chumphon, a town where tourists usually arrive off a 5am train and depart for the islands a few hours after, we had to quickly get an understanding of the language.  We did see … Continue reading

Koh Samui

First Impressions: it is big enough for us to interact with the locals again and see some more of Thai culture and way of life Last Impressions: this is a place that exists only on a tourist level – for sun seekers and cash infusers. Thai culture is hard to experience Accommodation Place – Silver … Continue reading


Chumphon in 5 words 1. local 2. authentic 3. simple 4. bustling 5. interactive 6am at Chumphon Station Accommodation Place – Chumphon Gardens Hotel Cost – $14 per night Facilities – restaurant with cheap breakfast 60 Baht – however your choices were 2 eggs and cold sausage or Thai soup. Both came with toast and … Continue reading